Martin Firrell
Power and Gender / Men
The Power and Gender / Men series is a companion to Power and Gender / Women, looking at the different ways women and men gain, hold and use power. The text 'All Men Are Dangerous' (which first appeared in a
projection by the artist
at Tate Britain in 2006) uses the term 'men' ambiguously.

The work may be advising caution in relation to men in particular (excluding women) or it may be using the word 'men' to imply all mankind.

The 'dangerousness' may be subtle and diffuse like the risk-taking that caused the financial crisis in 2008 or the growing impact of climate change.

The work includes an image of
Eugen Sandow
the world's first professional body builder.
Sandow measured the proportions of statues in museum collections in order to develop his own physique to resemble the Greek ideal.

Sandow's face is obscured indicating that it is the symbolism of the ideal, rather than Sandow himself, which is of interest to the artist.

This artwork is part of, a mass public art project calling for greater social justice.

It aims to create debate about power and gender, women's equality and masculinity, alternative forms of economic and social organisation, black power, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It includes posters, publications and events supported in 2018-19 by the artist's residency with leading Out of Home media company
Clear Channel UK.
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Power and Gender / Men
Digital billboard
UK, January 2019
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