Martin Firrell
All Men Are Dangerous
All Men Are Dangerous was commissioned by Duckie! for Tate Britain. The work was created originally against the backdrop of two major conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There was widespread sentiment that these wars were, in fact, essentially colonial in motivation and illegal according to international law.

The work reflects on the connection between violence, belief and masculinity, and the importance of differentiating between similar sounding ideas like 'security' and 'liberty', particularly in fear-filled and politically volatile times.

Popular comment of the period suggested that Western populations should be prepared to sacrifice some liberties in return for greater security. This line of thinking seems more in the interests of governments than the populations they serve; there is no evidence that the sacrifice of one aspect of civil life leads to the attainment of the other.
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All Men Are Dangerous
Tate Britain, 3 Feb 2006
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