Martin Firrell
They'll Find You Nude
For the first time in the history of the Royal Opera House, public art texts were projected onto the main curtain as introductions to each of the three acts of the opera Tosca.

Power Is Always Temporary explores the experiences of passion, sexual desire, jealousy, infidelity and violence in the lives of Ivy, Jeanne, Mary, Leonie, Rita and Isabelle, six women aged between 60 and 84.

Discussing their life experiences candidly reveals truths pertinent to the themes of Tosca, particularly the misuse of power in relation to men's sexual impulses to control women.

You Can't Shower Because They'll Find You Nude refers to the life experience of one of the women in particular who had lived through the civil unrest and power play of a military coup in Latin America.
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Power Is Always Temporary
Royal Opera House UK, 15 July 2006
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