Martin Firrell
When Men Hold Power
Annie Rickard
, director of the Women's Equality Party, suggests that men tend to gain power quicker in patriarchal systems and with less effort than women.
Women, by contrast, usually have to work harder and wait longer to achieve similar positions of authority. When power is gained more slowly, it tends to be taken more seriously and used more responsibly and thoughtfully.

This work includes an image of the sculpture
Venus de Vienne
(Aphrodite bathing) from the cover of
, a progressive arts magazine published in Buenos Aires in 1912. Three folds in the flesh of Aphrodite's abdomen create a realistic impression of a woman rather than a representation of femininity distorted and idealised by the
male gaze

This artwork is part of, a mass public art project calling for greater social justice.

It aims to create debate about power and gender, women's equality and masculinity, alternative forms of economic and social organisation, black power, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It includes posters, publications and events supported in 2018-19 by the artist's residency with leading Out of Home media company
Clear Channel UK.
Part Of
Power and Gender / Women
Digital billboard
UK, January 2019
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Venus de Vienne / Pallas No. 2
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Buenos Aires
Artist in Residence, Clear Channel UK