Martin Firrell
Yellow Is an
Instance of Happiness
Speeding to Its
Own End
Die Chromatika is a new psychological theory of colour for the 21st Century, created by the artist in response to Goethe's 'Theory of Colours' and Rudolf Steiner's writings on colour.

Of yellow the artist wrote: When I was a student, I shared a flat with a woman who had lots of yellow textiles in her room - yellow blinds, yellow cushions and so on.

I told her I thought the colour was very cheerful. She replied that she thought so, too, but a friend had told her yellow was a depressing colour and often associated with suicide.

I wanted to convey the idea that a flash of yellow may evoke happiness but there is also something in it that predicts the end of happiness or its essential fragility.
Part Of
Die Chromatika
Digital poster
Switzerland, July 2020
1080 x 1920px 72dpi RGB jpeg
Hi-res image
Thanks to
Johannes Kühl, Kirsten Behle,
Petra Meyer, Beatrix Zessler
Supported by
Clear Channel Schweiz