Martin Firrell
All Identity Is Constructed
All Identity Is Constructed comprises three 90 second video pieces depicting three individuals each with their own unique story to tell about their own identity and what it means to them - a black gay man, an albino woman and a trans CEO.

If all identities are constructed, then all identities are, at root, equal. We all equally deserve respect for, and support in, expressing the identity that suits us best. Less usual identity constructions are no different. They are just less usual.

All Identity Is Constructed combined national digital billboards with mobile web and social media with a national reach of 3 million people.

The project's messages about identity equality spread to social media in Korea, the Belgian daily press, the creative press, and the project as a whole was awarded best Digital Poster Campaign of 2016.
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All Identity Is Constructed
Digital video billboard
Piccadilly Circus, London UK
August 2016
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