Martin Firrell
Electronic tills at Borders Books are re-programmed to add an additional text to the bottom of each till receipt issued.

In 'Lanzarote', referring to the novella by Michel Houellebecq (France 2000), the added text suggests that some books send early warning signals, like a canary in a coal mine:

'In front of us, a huge fissure, several metres wide, snaked as far as the horizon, cutting through the grey surface of the earth's crust. The silence was absolute. This, I thought, is what the world will look like when it dies.'

The Writing series is at once modest in ambition, requiring no additional resources for its execution, but at the same time, many thousands of public art texts came into circulation during the project period.

In fact, sufficent copies of the texts were distributed to qualify the project for the best-seller lists had it not been a freely distributed work of public art.
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Borders Books London, June 2004
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