martin firrell

postcards 98

april 1998

14 cards in slipcase

16 images

Postcards 98 consisted of 14 postcards, 148mm x 104mm, printed on various stocks, in a green card slipcase with die cut central window and thumb-hold, published by Martin Firrell Company in 1998.

13 texts were presented where most postcards more usually show a picture, and one photographic image was included - of the artist cartwheeling on the Pont des Arts, Paris, France.

The photograph was taken on 4 April 1998, the artist's 35th birthday, by the Russian pianist Yekaterina Lebedeva using a 35mm b/w disposable camera. 'It struck me that 35 was half way towards the biblical three-score-and ten and a cartwheel seemed an appropriately pivotal action to mark the occasion.'

Postcards 98 explored the possibilities of being more deeply implicated in life. 'I wanted to ask if it were possible to operate at a level deeper than friendship, to find interactions that challenged the conventions of mere sociability and related new depths of value and meaning.'

The text of postcard 10 describes the evocative nature of the paper detritus of everyday life - things like restaurant bills and dry-cleaning tickets - that unintentionally describe the life we have lived.

Postcard 12 evokes the power of photographs to revivify moments in time.

'We had our photograph taken on the steps of the old Opera Garnier in Paris - a ludicrously over-priced polaroid picture was presented to us stuck in a card folder with a poor drawing of the Eiffel Tower on the front. This photographer-of-tourists made us uncomfortable and the poor quality of the polaroid taken in low light made the picture seem awkward, lost, a fragment from another time.'