Martin Firrell
The term 'pornosophical' was first coined by James Joyce in Chapter 15 of Ulysses. The Oxford English Dictionary gives its meaning as, 'of or relating to the philosophy of the brothel'.

Pornosophy is a video installation for the Smallest Gallery in Soho at 62 Dean Street. The work of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855) is interpreted and explained through the eyes of porn star Spurt Reynolds (b. 1971).

Søren Kierkegaard is notoriously difficult to understand, but at the same time he is regarded as one of the 19th Century's most important thinkers about the human condition.

Spurt Reynolds offers his own easy-to-understand, and often touching, commentary on Kierkegaard's most important ideas including the nature of anxiety, despair, existence and passion. Through Pornosophy, serious philosophy is explored and illuminated.
For Pornosophy, Firrell references the aesthetics of Ed and Nancy Kienholz's The Hoerengracht (1983-8), an early example of installation art, admired by the artist for its novel re-creation of the red light district in Amsterdam.
Digital video projection
The Smallest Gallery in Soho,
September to November 2020
video mp4
Hi-res image
Thanks to
Carly Lewisohn, Justin, Paul Wigfield
Supported by
QED Productions