Martin Firrell
Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips is UK gay slang for the wife and children of a gay lover. The phrase first appeared in the 1990s referring to the families of married men who effectively live two lives having a dual heterosexual and LGBT identity.

This work is part of Hunty City, a video artwork exploring the two main linguistic traditions of Polari (UK) and American drag slang from the New York City Balls of the 1970s and 80s.

Polari is the great language of oppression: a coded language to enable LGBT+ people to express themselves whilst avoiding detection as both demonised and criminalised homosexuals.

The drag slang of the New York City Ball scene can be regarded as a language of freer expression and reclamation. African and hispanic Americans created the Ball Scene and its attendant language to allow themselves free expression beyond mainstream white drag culture.
Part Of
Hunty City
High definition colour video 07:37
Shoreditch Town Hall, London UK
1 to 12 March 2016
Supported by
Shoreditch Town Hall
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