Martin Firrell
Hunty City (extract)
Hunty City uses text outlines, performance, info-text, music, found dialogue and internet video clips to explore a range of slang and cant languages of various origins.

The work explores two main linguistic traditions; the Polari language of Great Britain and American drag slang from the New York City Balls of the 1970s and 80s.

Polari is the great language of oppression: a coded language to enable LGBT+ people to express themselves whilst avoiding detection as both demonised and criminalised homosexuals.

The drag slang of the New York City Ball scene could be regarded as a language of freer expression and reclamation. African and hispanic Americans created the Ball Scene and its attendant language to suit their own particular expressive needs.
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Hunty City
High definition colour video 07:37
Shoreditch Town Hall, London UK
1 to 12 March 2016
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Shoreditch Town Hall
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