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Cómo Vivimos / How We Live
José Gascó (b.1925)
Cómo Vivimos / How We Live summarises the life wisdom of the four elders of the Spanish hill town of Fanzara: José Gascó (b.1925), Vincente Santolaria (b.1934), Pilar Castillo (b.1936) and Fina Marti (b.1940).

Fanzara is the home to MIAU, The Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano / The Unfinished Museum of Urban Art. The entire village has, in effect, become an open air museum of international street art.

The village had been selected as the site for a new toxic dump. The community successfully opposed this unwanted development and MIAU was born out of that concerted, collective act of resistence.

El Futuro Es Corto / The Future Is Short reflects the world view of the elders nearer the end than the beginning of their lives.

No Tenemos Miedo / We Are Not Afraid relates both to the opposition to the toxic dump and to the inevitable brevity of life.

The texts also appear on the wall of the school in Fanzara so that the youngest inhabitants encounter the wisdom of the eldest each day.
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Cómo Vivimos / How We Live
Fanzara Spain, 7 to 10 July 2016
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