Martin Firrell
Blue Contains
all the Longing
a Human Being
Is Capable of
Die Chromatika is the artist's response to Goethe's 'Theory of Colours' and Rudolf Steiner's writings on colour.

The first works in the series offer alternative poetic interpretations of the primary colours Blue, Red and Yellow.

Of blue the artist wrote: I love the way blue light seems to be moving away from you, and yet it is also light travelling towards you in the darkness.

Rudolf Steiner said that blue gives the impression of retreating away from us and this makes us want to move towards it, to follow it, to reach out for it.

I felt that if you had the perfect blue, it would be a perfect expression of longing. It would contain all the longing a human being could ever feel.
Part Of
Die Chromatika
Digital poster
Switzerland, July 2020
Hi-res image
Thanks to
Johannes Kühl, Kirsten Behle,
Petra Meyer, Beatrix Zessler
Supported by
Clear Channel Schweiz