Martin Firrell
When the State
Turns Violent
April 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of the death of Blair Peach (25 March 1946 - 23 April 1979). He was injured as he took part in an anti-fascist demonstration in Southall, and died the next day in Ealing hospital.

The Metropolitan Police identified the probable responsibility of one of their own officers in reports finally made available to the public on 27 April 2010.

In this artwork, the artist quotes Clare Short, former Secretary of State for International Development. The text both challenges police brutality and points to the power of non-violent resistance.

Because of the controversy surrounding Blair Peach's death, his struggle against racism has never been properly commemorated. 3 Billboards for Blair Peach was intended by the artist as the simplest of memorials - naming Blair Peach publicly 40 years after he lost his life opposing racism.
Part Of
3 Billboards for Blair Peach
Digital Billboard
UK, April 2019
864 x 432px 72dpi RGB jpeg
Hi-res image
Artist in Residence, Clear Channel UK