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Martin Firrell is widely known as an activist, who through his provocative work and words, is fostering positive social change. I asked my students to focus on 'The Question Mark Inside' to motivate the creation of their art piece, which should reflect the style of Martin Firrell.

He uses cinema screens, the internet, buildings, etc. to create large-scale digital projections on. The message is meant to bring about dialogue and therefore modify the viewer's perspective about the concept/theme/topic presented.

There has been an on-going war between Libya and the U.S. It's time we take action, and fight for what's right. We have chosen as a class to do a Martin Firrell piece. Placing words on buildings to send out a strong message. I used Frames 4 to create this piece, and I used Google to find my pictures. I was inspired by the news. My heart goes out to all those suffering. I can connect to this topic because I am also American. War is destroying our peace, our countries, our families, and our world. Libya does have its own rights, but so do we. If we don't like what's happening, we have the right to protest. But violence is never the answer. I used these elements to state my point clearly, to get my message across to people. I learned a lot about Libya and a lot more about the U.S. I would like to research more about how we could resolve this war and how we could make the U.S and Libya work in peace, harmony and unity. The U.S and Libya should find better ways to conclude this on-going war peacefully. As many other countries are getting involved, destruction is spreading across many other nations. Just stop. We must work as one, saving our homes, our nation and our world!

CYBER BULLYING - by Madelin.
My artwork states that cyber bullying is a problem for many people and it should stop. My art piece states that you should 'think before you send: you don't know where you could end up.' People should be aware that when they send things like that they may not think much of it, but for the person receiving the message/ text/ email/ post it can be very hurtful. If you threaten people or commit certain actions online the police can get involved. I learned that you can use art to make a statement by just writing it on the page and it can be a very strong statement that makes people think.

LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF SOMEONE IN POVERTY - by Portchia. My artwork shows what it would be like being in someone's shoes who lives in poverty, as many people are blind to how devastating it is. I was inspired by the depressing slums of India and other countries who are dealing with poverty. I chose to base my artwork on this because I feel that is a very important topic that needs to be addressed. The message my artwork is portraying is if you were in someone's shoes who is dealing with low to no income, you would realize just how devastating it would be and would likely act sooner, trying to find a solution and make it better if we knew just how hard it would be. I wanted to make my image black and white because I feel this effect gives a much more depressing feel to the photo. I didn't want to do a bright colourful photo, because it wouldn't represent the dark feel of poverty. I feel the black and white image achieved what I was going for to fit the theme. When I look at my artwork, I get a dark and gloomy feeling which fits the theme perfectly. I was able to tackle the theme of poverty using the quote and image to create an appealing and strong, dark, gloomy vibe. I could have improved my piece by choosing just one building with a more specific connection to poverty. For example, a shelter or a run down grocery store, which to us would not be expensive, yet to them it would cost a fortune to buy just a bag of milk. After doing this project, and after viewing many quotes through the eyes of someone in poverty, I am now more aware of how devastating it is and how expensive things would appear to them.