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The artist Martin Firrell uses text in public space to promote debate. The more people think about, question and debate a topic, the more likely it becomes that change will occur.

He summarises his public artworks as 'public conversations of social value'.

He has worked with largescale outdoor and indoor projection, digital billboards, flyposters, video, graffiti, portraiture and live performance.

He is the only artist to have projected a contemporary artwork onto the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in London - twice.

He has created notable projects in artistic partnerships with Twentieth Century Fox, The Royal Opera, The Household Division of the British Army, The National Gallery London, arts producers Artichoke for the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, The National Theatre London, Trafalgar Square, Curzon Cinemas and the UK Out Of Home media sector.

His art is always aimed at creating better understanding between people promoting social justice, liberty, courage and greater equality. 'What is there more beautiful than justice?'

He was artist in residence with the Household Division of the British Army in 2009 and public artist in residence during the 300th anniversary of St Paul's Cathedral in 2008.

Projections to the dome, West Front and Whispering Gallery marked the 300th anniversary by describing what gives people's lives meaning at the time of the anniversary.

Martin Firrell was described in 2006 by The Guardian newpaper in London as 'one of the capital's most influential public artists.'

He is interested in progressive history and the major civil rights movements of black equality, votes for women and LGBT+ liberation.

He is interested in the way labels concerning identity, orientation and gender shape people's lives and what would happen if those labels were removed entirely.

More information about the artist can be found at wikipedia.