martin firrell

a stronger self

april 2003

selfridges london

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A Stronger Self was commissioned by Selfridges & Co for the plasma screens recently installed throughout the London department store.

The project explored different aspects of self and the quality of inner strength. The eleven short video sequences of A Stronger Self were screened continuously throughout the month of April 2003.

Texts explored self-possession, self-knowledge, and the relationship between self and others. Texts were combined with symbols of self including fingerprints and iris scans.

The project was created with the intention of bringing public art to people who may not ordinarily seek out (or may feel excluded from) literary or art experiences.

Selfridges was undergoing a creative rennaissance at the start of the new millennium.

The store had hosted store-wide festivals including 'Tokyo Life' and 'Twenty-three and a half days of Bollywood' among others, making it a conducive, public environment, where visitors were already seeking new experiences and ideas.